Air Jet Reed

We installed the mechanical equipment from Japan for the main equipment of each process. Having diverse machine weaving technology and knowing the needs of reeds users, we invented the original technique to provide the excellent reeds with high quality, good mobility, adequate economy while it can cope with super high -speed weaving machine as 1,200 rpm.

What is Special about Our Reeds
  1. Resin Setting: The set method and material we use are applicable for super high speed turning, high density woven fabric, while we invented Dai Seki original production technique, which can maintain the reed in high quality for long time.
  2. Reed Setting: The setting machine and manufacturing method invented by Dai Seki, assure the accurate and precise finishing for all reeds (Straight line between upper/lower frames and reed dent. The parallel of upper/lower frames).
  3. The density of reed-dent is regularly finished, by special techniques and implements of Dai Seki.
  4. The Air Flow Checker can measure accurately until 360cm wide and indicate it as a graph.

How to Order

The diagram showing each parts of the reed, making it easier to communicate between customers and us. The customer can use this diagram as a guide to place an order. 
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