Quick and reliable delivery

* The all employees of Reed production Department of Dai Seki are living together in our dormitory, so if there are special order in emergency from the customers, we can respond to it through the operations in dead of the night or in early morning.

* The control of production lines and the contact and cooperation among departments are well-structured and the production or quality control are solidly established.

Refined Services

* Our engineers are expertise , working in reed manufacturing field for more than 20 years. They also integrate Dai Seki's textile knowhow into reed making. They make a regular visit to check the reed for the customers and if there are any technical problems or questions they are ready to give suitable support according to the customers' requests.

* We are the first to provide a repair or mending service of reed. We perform three levels of reed mending : "Shusei-Retouch", "Shuri- Repair" or "Saisei-Remake". which are selected according to degree of each customers' reed defects. Dai Seki as a weaving factory and also a user of a lot of reeds, we know very well the customers' needs. Especially "Remake-Reed" with our innovated technique can eliminate defects, change reed count, and then finish mostly as new reed. It is not necessary to abandon expensive reeds easily but to use several times and of course it can reduce the costs of the customers.

Example of Remake-Reed which is just like a new reed

Service products

* We also provide Reaching-in hook, Denting hook, Reed retouch and polishing equipments. Denting hook number higher than 80 is Japan product which is high quality. We make Reed retouch equipment ourselves and provide them to the customers. The advantage is if there are small reed defects after the usage, the customers can use reed retouch and polishing equipment to fix those defects themselves without needing to send it to us, which can reduce the cost of customers.

Reaching in Hook

Denting Hook (Japan Product) : No. 150 140 120 100 80 60 40

Reed Retouch Equipment

Reed Polishing Equipment

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