Dai Seki's 50 years following the development of Thai Textile Industry


* Establishment of " Thai Etsusho Trade Co., Ltd. " in the suburbs of Bangkok city. In May of the next year, the operation started.


* Arrival of Mr. KONDO, the expert of textile technical field from Niigata prefecture.

*Started of the trial making/trial sale of Interior Field (Fancy Curtains), the first in the country.
Proposition of various designs and the success/diffusion of the curtain made in Thailand.

* The export of fancy-curtains toward Japan on the market once there were only imported articles.

* Started of the trial making/trial sale of Pre-dyeing /Piece-dyeing Dobby Fancy Cloth, shirt fabrics, the first in the country.


* Succeeded in the costs reduction of Cross Stitch Fabric. Trial making/trial sale with the standardization of 4 sizes designs. It was popularized for general people and for school students.


* Trial making/trial sale of Cotton Fancy Niagara, Amunzen, Pique, Cord, Satin etc … by Dobby Design for printing. The big hit of Prints.


* Trial making/trial sale of Sukker Cloth by weaving technique. Then more simple heat treated one in quantitative production or so-called "Paa-yon" became big hit as female cloth.

*Trial making/trial sale of T/C Back Cut Shirting (URAGIRI) .We proposed many designs for pre-dyeing or –piece-dyeing. It was exceptional fabric then the demand was solid and hit more than 10 years because of technical impossibility for outside-order production.


* Trial making/trial sale of see-through curtains by leno weaving technique, it was still rare in Thailand. Proposed many designs while many offices, banks or hotels appreciated it and it became the hit of the double curtain system.


* Trial making/trial sale of fashion clothes see-through leno weaving style, taking advantage of massiveness and texture of the span-threads.

[Support of more than 600 kinds of designs and techniques for other companies besides the main businesses like development,
trial making/trial sale of various fabrics since the opening of our business]


* The move and new installed factory in Bangplee district of Samut-Prakarn Prefecture. The company name changed to "Dai Seki Co., ltd.


* Started the making and sale of " Reed Wire " as main material of the Reed which is the main part of weaving equipment, using the machines and techniques introduced from Japan.


* Trial making of special industrial material fabrics in cooperation with the related companies and formed Real Production System in Thailand while our business is progressing smoothly.


* Start of making/sale of Reed (Flat Reed, Air-jet, or other kinds), reeds of all kinds for loom, and special reeds.


* 50 years anniversary of Dai Seki establishment ceremony.


* Expansion of factory building 2

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