Management Philosophy

[ Textile Designs : Proposition, Trial making, Trial sale ]

-  We concentrate on the proposition of new design, trial fabrication and trial sale while we cooperate with other local textile factories in case of quantitative production instead of expansion of own factory equipment.
-  We promote always to develop new textile designs, avoiding maximum the competitive production of fabrics with other companies in Thailand.
-  We wish to manufacture fancy fabrics as high quality as the one from Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

[ High-quality reed wires : manufacturing and sales ]

-  We wish to make "Reed Dent" the main part of reed for weaving machine here in Thailand, in order to reinforce the technology level of Thailand and to contribute to the textile industry of Thailand and the friend-countries around.
-  We know very well the reality that many companies challenged the difficult reed-wires manufacturing which are needing special equipment and techniques and gave up all these adventures. But we must escape from the import-dominated actual situation then we decide bravely to tackle with this enterprise, understanding high risk.
-  We are proud that we could produce high quality products for the first time out of Japan, turning on the head expectation of the industry in Japan or in other Asian countries, now the products are appreciated everywhere but with our challenging spirit, we wish to work for the development and stability of the textile industry in Thailand and in other countries around, in cooperation with the customers concerning the technological revolution and cost reductions issue.

[ All kinds of reeds for textiles / Manufacturing and sale of weaving, warping, sizing, double, bend, special reed ]

-  We are worry Thai Textile Industries changed from Import-type into export-type, but recently confronted difficult situation with the rising big competitors-counties.
-  Thai textile industry need to focus on High-quality product production, Small lot production of various articles, Value-added fabrics following technical revolution, Speed and correct delivery, and Costs reduction. We cannot stay in the old system for the reed manufacturing which is the major factor of weaving equipment for quality and production efficiency. Our company with all staffs, wish to go forward to develop as well as maintain high quality reed production.
-  As we know that the reed made under the "Dai Seki' Spirit" can produce thousands and thousands of yards in products with high quality, resisting against the friction with warp, then we expect to hear from the users of reed, will say that "It was a good idea to have relation with Dai Seki" and wish also to go forward development and stability of Thai textile Industry and in friend-countries around.

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