Dai Seki - over 50 Years of History Working with the Thai Textile

At early time of The Economic Promotion Program in Thailand, originated of Niigata Prefecture, reputed by many synthetic fabrics in Japan, the company started to operate a textile factory in Bangkok city of Thailand.
We followed 50 years of experiences with the development of Thai Textile Industry.

At that time, it was like planting a little tree in the middle of huge field and confronted many obstacles, like procurement of raw materials and machine parts , dying process, personnel and linguistic problems and also the difficulty to receive an appreciation of articles on trial sales in the market mainly dominated by the imported articles. It took time our products, with good technique and design similar to foreign imported articles, to be accepted on Thai market.

"We will develop Thai textile products to the world's best!!"

This has been my ambition ever since I came to Thailand. We tried to make fabrics for men and for women, shirt fabric, curtain, handwork stuff or other various fancy fabrics and proposed many designs through long year and time. We must say thank you all people who encouraged our trial articles and gave us good critics and advices then appreciated, supported our products from local production among the market originally oriented by imported articles taste from foreign countries.

Start of Industrial Fabric Production

Our company avoid maximum to weave fabrics which will compete with other company in the country, but try to create new original fabrics and since year 2000, we started to make trial and test of special fabric for industrial use.

Our company also provided more than 600 designs and supported techniques for other companies in the country for long years.

Start of Reed Wire Production

Thai Textile Industries changed from Import-type to Export-type but we still relied on the import of reed wire, the main material of reed for weaving machine. Suffering this situation, since 1996, we challenged the adventure to overcome this problem with difficulty and risk and finally we succeeded in production of high quality reed wire same level as Japan. Now, our products are used widely in Thailand and countries around.

Start of Reed Production

Thai Textile Industries have been developed smoothly but in recent years we confronted with difficulties mainly because of progressive competition among big countries. Dai Seki realize that from now on, Thai and Neighboring Textile Industry need to focus on producing high quality products with added value, small lot but various products, special technique-required products etc. This was the inspiration for us tostart the manufacturing & sale of the reeds of all brands /all kinds in 2002, in order to step up the quality of textile industry to reach the global standard.
Since we are the weaving company ourselves, we know how mechanically important the quality of reeds is to allow repeat frictions against the warp yarn to weave tens or hundreds of thousands of yards of fabric. We integrate our textile knowhow and technology into reed making to provide reeds that are best for each kinds of fabric.
We also hope that our factory, along with the local weaving communities and the fabric industry in Thailand and the associated close allies, will keep developing as the world's best in the increasing global competition. Dai Seki will continue making every effort in technical innovation, quality improvement and assurance, to provide a speedy and efficient service using all technologies available in a comprehensive way, as a leading company in Thailand and its neighboring nations.

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